Hello Sweeties! I am Morgana Alexander (Morgan) a Fan of River Song/Alex Kingston. Why 'Professor River Song Projects'? this page was created on Friday, May 31, 2013, on the 5th anniversary of the character of River Song in Doctor Who. This page is dedicate to this wonderful character. You are welcome!

If you are a big fan of River Song and want her back for the Christmas special and season 8, just go to this page: GET RIVER BACK

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kattekaren said: the wild wild west - the doctor runs into river who works (undercover?) at a saloon.

“Anachronistic electricity, keep out signs, aggressive stares.” He rubs his hands together gleefully, a slow grin taking over his face as the Ponds trot along behind him. “Has someone been peeking at my Christmas list?”

Amy reaches for his arm as they stroll by a noisy brothel. “Doctor -”

Before she can utter another word, two prostitutes – blimey, what a dirty word, ladies of the night, perhaps? – latch onto one of his arms and begin tugging him toward the house of ill repute. Surprised, the Doctor doesn’t start to struggle until they’re halfway to the door, squirming in their grip as they lead him quite competently away from the Ponds. “Oh no, wait. No!”

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Imagine person A of your OTP is heavily pregnant and person B isn’t home because of a Buisness Trip, Assignment, etc.. Now Imagine that person A goes into labour when person B isn’t home yet, they call peson B and their close friend to tell them the baby/ies are coming, person B is shocked to hear the news but may not make it in time to see them when they are born. After many hours, the baby/ies are born, person A has tears in their eyes as they look at the small infant(s) in their arms.
(Weather person B makes it in time or not is up to you)

The Doctor rubs a hand over his face, staring up at the monitor blearily as he contemplates the events of the past 24 hours. Psychic pollen certainly was exhausting, even if everything that had occurred had happened mostly in their heads.

"All’s well that ends well, eh?" The Doctor smiles at the time rotor, his fingers stroking along the console as he thinks on what had happened - little Amelia’s choice. "It was a good one, eh?" He mutters to his time machine as he nods. The whole reason he’d picked Rory up and taken him along was to help Amy make that choice - and so she had. Rory Williams.

He is saved further contemplation on that fact by the phone ringing, the sound shrill and harsh, echoing around the console room. It rings constantly and endlessly - whoever is on the other end, the TARDIS seems to demand that he pick up. He moves over to the hand set with a frown, lifting it cautiously, “You’ve reached the TARDIS, Doctor speaking.”

"Oh thank god,” River’s voice greets him, strained and frantic. The Doctor swallows heavily, his hearts skipping in his chest. River calls him? Was that a thing? Well really, loads of his friends could call him. There’s Martha and - well… she didn’t precisely have a direct line to the TARDIS, but just because River Song did, didn’t mean anything. At all, his mind insists. He could have given it to her for emergency use - wait, did that mean this is an emergency?!

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An Anniversary To Remember


“Hi honey, I’m home,” the voice says slightly behind her and low in her ear.

In spite of herself her body betrays her in a shiver of anticipation. She’s missed him. She needs him.

“And what sort of time do you call this?” she says even as she feels his arms wrap around her belly from behind.

“Happy anniversary,” he says kissing her ear lightly.

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better than diamonds (doctor/river)


The Doctor proposes with a Jammie Dodger. Inspired by this drawing.

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For Kaz, because she’s a queen.